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Bernie Habicht The Painter

Art as An Alternative Investment

Why should you buy Art for investment?

You have to enjoy art that pleases you and makes you feel good.
Art and Gold are known Good Investments.
Art has to strike you, it must speak to you
Art says who you are.


So, go enjoy art galleries, visit and buy what you love.


Born in Sinn/Hessen Germany, Bernie Habicht spent his early years  drawing hoping to
developed the talent he possessed. When he immigrated to  America at the age of
20  his first job was dishwasher, then cook to support his family.

Then entered into a 5 year home study course training  under famous American
Illustrators and the guiding faculty of Norman  Rockwell, Al Parker, Ben Stahl,
Steven Dohanos, John Whitcomb, Robert  Fawcett, Peter Helk, Austin Briggs,
Bernard Fuchs, Harold Von Schmidt and  Albert Dorne.

It gave him a start to work at New York ad agencies as  commercial artist and book cover Illustrator.

He arrived at the technique he uses today to paint his still  life’s, landscapes,
and portraits. His work evolved over many years. His  passion was always

Like many all time great painters, his expertise, eye for color  and brushwork brings
his paintings to life for your investment and pleasure.


This painting was painted by Bernie and inspired by Norman  Rockwell for the Bicentennial Celebration in 1976.- Depicting the 200 year Birthday Celebration of America with the Birthday Cake of the Carpenter Hall in Philadelphia, where the Constitution was written in 1776. My son now 4 2, painted sitting,  in red white and blue eating a birthday cake. A written and signed letter from Norman Rockwell  is included. This painting for the right investor is available for $4,900. Including the Frame. Measurements are 15″x15′
Norman Rockwell’s World War Two painting “Willie Gillis Food Package from Home” fetched $2.8 million from a buyer at an auction in Chicago on Saturday, the auction house said.
This is how an  illustrator works from photographs, and uses location when ever possible.
Photos showing  a much younger me in my studio, wife,  local bake shop, props and a Carpenter Hall Postcard.









You can reach me at: , 561 684 0383, habb8052@h0tmail.com

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